• God's Word

    God's Word

    "A man's heart deviseth his way:  but the Lord directeth his steps."

    Proverbs 16:9



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Moving Forward Again!

  • Small Cloud's Remodel

    Small Cloud's Remodel

    "Behold now, the place...is too

    strait for us."

    2 Kings 6:1

    Help us build some more walls for this busy place!

     Just mark any donation:  SCCS Remodel

  • Phase 1:  Ideas to paper

    Phase 1: Ideas to paper

    We are currently sketching up plans and praying for funds!

  • Phase 2:  Sketches to architect

    Phase 2: Sketches to architect

    The sketches have been sent to the architect. We are awaiting the arrival of plans to submit to the county. (The architect is donating his services.) And we continue to pray!

  • Our New Office

    Our New Office

    Prompted by God to build the office before the rest of the remodel, we are happy to report that the office was started and is almost finished! And it is completely paid for! Priase be to God! This office will now be the "command center" for the rest of the remodel project. Please keep this project in your prayers! :)