Small Cloud Chronicles & The SCCS Times

Small Cloud is always a busy place.  And, after many years of publishing what should have been a "news" letter (Candlelights), we found that we were not sharing "news" at all.  Instead, we were sharing articles from students and "chronicling" special events.  Hence we have the "Small Cloud Chronicles." 

...And now, many years later, we have The SCCS Times. Why the change? Read the first edition to find out.

We hope you enjoy all the articles--old and new!

Spring 2011

Open House was the major event this spring. . .

Summer 2011

Summer was a challenging time for Margie Seely and her family this year. . .


Fall 2011

Yes, indeed! It came as a complete surprise. . .

Winter 2011

How many of you remember your California history?

Spring 2012

Leoni Meadows. . . was the location of a one-week music camp that our students were privileged to attend.

September/October 2014

Change! As much as I dislike some of the
changes in my life, change is ever present in the world
in which we live.